Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello all, sorry I have been AWOL but had a couple of bad months,

firstly I was not to good as usual lol, and we went away for a few days when we had the good weather and while we were there jim took ill,
came home and got him to doctors they said it was angina, so off he went for some tests, he went into hospital for an angiogram and stents fitted, well they couldn't do it, they kept him in and he  had a double bypass so our world was turned upside down, over night.

We are now 8 weeks post op and Jim is doing well, still some cocerns about his sturnum its clicking all the time, will know more this week as we have a few hospital appointments  so hope to get some answers, so my crafting got put on the back burner for a time I have managed to make a few christmas cards but cant say my hearts in it as yet, Jim got me a comeo cutting machine for an early christmas present and not touched that since I first got it, never mind.

So many friends have also had a very bad year, so roll on 2013 lets hope its lucky for some of us 

I have posted a few cards these are my own and sorry not for sale, but hope to be back in full swing in the new year, sorry to all who had asked for cards, but hubby comes first, will try to keep my blog updated next year 

              MERRY CHRISTMAS               

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